Notable People

From X-Men: rEvolution

The IC world of X-Men: rEvolution largely shares history and current events with our own, but there are some divergences! This page serves as a guide to some people, NPC or PC, your character would be likely to have heard of, if they haven't been living under a rock.


These people are extremely famous! They're all over the news or the internet, they are widely known and discussed household names. They have groupies and paparazzi; they may have a hard time going out their door without taking precautions to protect their privacy. If your character has been in the city any time at all, they are almost certain to know these people by name and very probably on sight as well.

  • Elliott Carruthers: Current mayor of New York City; the first female and first Latina mayor NYC has had. Democrat. Decorated naval veteran, famous for saving her crew during an attack by mutant pirates. Friends of Humanity spokesperson, and the public face of the pro-registration Human First campaign.
  • Leo Concepcion - Became prominent during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020. An undocumented immigrant who was widely accused in the news of being a mutant terrorist with a disease-based mutation who was reportedly working to spread coronavirus faster; Concepcion was the subject of many vitriolic Trump rants. NYC's mayor and Captain America openly vouched for Concepcion as, in fact, working on a vaccine for the virus; though the federal government still insists he is a terrorist, New York went rapidly from an epicenter of the disease to having it nearly eradicated.
  • Ryan Black: New York based indie rocker, locally popular before rocketing to national stardom. Known for a lot of flash -- loudly anarchist, proudly bisexual, dedicated about championing social justice causes. Debut album See It Through and multi-platinum single "Brighter" earned him several Grammys in 2019, including all of the Big Four. His final acceptance speech he also came out as a mutant, making him the first high-profile mutant celebrity the country has had.
  • Steve Rogers: A WW2 veteran returned to life after decades on ice. Immensely popular despite frequent controversial stances, he is something of a national treasure in most American minds. Many look upon him as a legendary hero miraculously returned to life, proof of American ingenuity, reminder of a simpler and nobler time, or some combination of all three.
  • Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. CEO of Stark Industries, formerly the leading arms manufacturer worldwide. Stark was kidnapped in fall of 2019 and assumed dead -- abruptly upon his return in spring of 2020 he declared that Stark Industries would no longer manufacture weapons. They have since ramped up production of medical equipment to assist with the coronavirus crisis; economists' speculation as to the future of the company has been wildly divergent.
  • Eric Lensherr: Also known as Magneto, this known mutant, founder of the recently designated terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants, is most famous for his 2015 attempted attack on the diplomatic gathering near Liberty Island. Currently imprisoned in a specially-designed unit, location confidential.


These people are very well-known, especially among those who follow news or social media and pay attention to current events. While they're not necessarily likely to turn heads or be accosted on the streets, it's reasonably likely that their names will be recognized.

  • Jackson Holland: Mutant rights activist, anarchist, largely known for being the flamboyant BFF of Ryan Black -- Ryan's fans would be extremely likely to know him on sight. Outside of this he is well known among mutant community specifically; he tends to be in the news a lot when he is getting arrested For The Cause. Prolific writer on mutant issues, often called in as The Token Mutant frequently to sit on panels discussing mutant rights.
  • Lucien Tessier: Broadway actor. Won Best Lead Actor Tony in 2019 for his role in the musical Lost.
  • Naseemah Chaudhry: A staff reporter with the Daily Bugle, known for breaking quite a few large stories in recent years.
  • Rasheed Toure: One of the world's preeminent neuroscientists. Responsible for pioneering several groundbreaking treatments for neurodegenerative conditions. Sits on the board of Toure Pharmaceuticals, a prominent pharmaceutical company. A well-known philanthropist in addition to his medical work.
  • Norman Osborn: CEO of Oscorp; a weapon contractor who has bet his entire empire on mutant countermeasures being the 'next big thing'.
  • Sebastian Shaw: CEO of Shaw Industries, also heavily involved in munitions.
  • Warren Worthington, III: The multi-billionaire son of multi-billionaire parents, Warren Worthington is the CEO of Worthington Industries, an international conglomerate with holdings in everything from aviation to yogurt. A known philanthropist, Worthington is a common face in the news.


These people are well known in their respective fields. People are quite likely to know their work, names, or possibly faces if they follow relevant topical news.

  • B Holland: A lead architect on the Sentinel project at Stark Industries and protégé of Tony Stark; those who pay attention to the world of engineering and robotics are likely well aware of her work. She made a splash while still in high school when she invented hoverboards (that actually hover!), bringing them to market with her toy company Mako, Inc just in time for October 2015.
  • Emma Frost: Recently taken over as the CEO of Frost Enterprises. Yet to be seen what direction she will take the family business.
  • Roberto "Kyinha" da Costa: The only son of prominent Brazilian industrialist Emmanuel da Costa, he is a socialite and scientist who has only recently gotten more involved with his father's business. Da Costa Industries is a major multinational agribusiness corporation that competes with the likes of DowDupont and Bayer AG.
  • Taylor Marinov: Up and coming fashion designer; gained prominence after dressing Ryan Black for the explosive 2019 Met Gala. Known for a post-modern bricolage of vintage styles, their work tends towards androgynous elements that accomodate a wide range of body types and limb configurations.
  • Dr. Moira MacTaggert: The Scotland-based scientist who initially discovered the X-Gene. Still publicly the preeminent researcher into mutation worldwide.

Mutant Famous!

New York's mutant community is a small one, and these people are well known within it specifically.

  • Ion: Leader of the Mutant Mongrels motorcycle club, a 1% club operating out of Brooklyn. The MMMC is well known in the mutant community; like most 1%er MCs they're loud and violent. Opinions are VERY split as to whether the MMMC are terrible or kind of alright though; in addition to their less savory activities, they are widely known to provide medication and medical care to mutants who otherwise couldn't access it, feed and house down on their luck mutants and are quick to shut down bigots who harass any mutants on their watch.
  • Shane Holland: Dapper blue shark, runs Evolve Cafe in the Lower East Side, New York's only dedicated mutant cafe/nightclub. The cafe has also come to be a central community gathering space and hub.
  • Taylor Allen: Longtime barista at Evolve Cafe. Taylor is highly gregarious and highly recognizable -- large and muscular, with obsidian-black skin and a number of large tentacles, he's striking even at the mutant cafe and very hard to miss. For this reason he's very well-known in New York's mutant community; quite frequently he's the one that other mutants will direct people to if they're looking for a free meal, community resources, etc. Oh, you need a support group? Looking for a mutant-friendly landlord? Just got to the city, cold and hungry? Go talk to the tentacle monster at Evolve, he's probably heard something.
  • Graydon Creed: A prominent anti-mutant activist. Wealthy and outspoken, donates to many anti-mutant causes.