Notable People

From X-Men: rEvolution

The IC world of X-Men: rEvolution shares quite a bit of history with our own, but current events in the past generation or so have diverged quite a bit. This page serves as a guide to some people, NPC or PC, your character would be more or less likely to have heard of, if they haven't been living under a rock.


  • Daniel Lukasik: One of the two U.S. senators from New York. Democrat.
  • Magda Carruthers: One of the two U.S. senators from New York. Republican.
  • Elliott Carruthers: Current mayor of New York City; the first female and first Latina mayor NYC has had. Democrat. Decorated naval veteran, famous for saving her crew during an attack by mutant pirates. Friends of Humanity spokesperson, and the public face of the pro-registration Human First campaign.
  • Graydon Creed: A prominent anti-mutant activist. Wealthy and outspoken, donates to many anti-mutant causes.

Media, Entertainment, & Sports

  • Ryan Black: New York based indie rocker, locally popular before rocketing to national stardom. Debut album See It Through and multi-platinum single "Brighter" earned him several Grammys in 2019, including all of the Big Four. His final acceptance speech he also came out as a mutant, making him the first high-profile mutant celebrity the country has had.

Science & Technology

  • Dr. Moira MacTaggert: The Scotland-based scientist who initially discovered the X-Gene. Still publicly the preeminent researcher into mutation worldwide.

Business & Industry

  • Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
  • Warren Worthington, III: The multi-billionaire son of multi-billionaire parents, Warren Worthington is the CEO of Worthington Industries, an international conglomerate with holdings in everything from aviation to yogurt. A known philanthropist, Worthington is a common face in the news.
  • Norman Osborn: CEO of Oscorp; a weapon contractor who has bet his entire empire on mutant countermeasures being the 'next big thing'.
  • Sebastian Shaw: CEO of Shaw Industries, also heavily involved in munitions.


  • Eric Lensherr: Also known as Magneto, this known mutant, founder of the recently designated terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants, is most famous for his recent attempted attack on the diplomatic gathering near Liberty Island. Currently imprisoned in a specially-designed unit, location confidential.