Friends of Humanity

From X-Men: rEvolution

Since Magneto's attack at the Statue of Liberty, anti-mutant sentiment around the country has spread. A number of anti-mutant hate groups have formed, but the largest and best organized is the Friends of Humanity. Founded and led by anti-mutant lobbyist Graydon Creed, they are on the surface a political activist group; a grassroots campaign that swept the country and became a national movement.

Beneath the speech-making and rallies and lobbying, though, the more dedicated core of Friends have a less kosher approach to eradicating the "mutant menace". Admission into the inner ranks of the FoH is secretive and the identities of the operatives a guarded secret, but at the heart of the group is a core of radical terrorists who employ violent means to further their goal of wiping out the entire mutant population.

OOC Note: The Friends of Humanity, or at least their inner echelons, are a murderous terrorist organization. Joining the more militant side of the Friends ICly is a serious commitment, not a day job. While there is room in the faction for a lot of different levels of OOC involvement and no OOC requirement to have any particular level of commitment to scenes and plots, ICly there is no easy way to leave the group once you have joined -- once you know who all these terrorists are, their homes and their secrets, just quitting is not a simple road.

Please take this under serious advisement before joining the faction, as IC desertion or betrayal will very likely be met with severe IC repercussions.