Current Events

From X-Men: rEvolution

A quick guide to game history, both recent past and notable events that have taken place on camera. Items should be added to the timeline if they would be newsworthy.

Recent History: 1979-present

  • 1979 - Dr. Moira MacTaggert publishes research documenting the discovery of a gene that triggers superhuman powers in homo sapiens. This gene is named the X-Gene.
  • 1980 - Scotland becomes the first country to require mutant registration of those with superhuman powers.
  • 1986 - Scotland overturns their mutant registration laws, in a very narrow vote.
  • 1992 - Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is founded in Westchester, New York.
  • 1994 - All branches of the U.S. military adopt a ban on mutants serving.
  • 1999 - Fell Peak, NM becomes the first U.S. town to adopt anti-discrimination laws protecting mutants.
  • 2002 - Senator Grover from Florida proposes a law barring mutants from holding federal civil service positions. It dies in the House after passing in the Senate.
  • 2006 - Switzerland adopts a restrictive immigration policy banning all mutants from gaining resident status.
  • 2009 - Under the new president, the Bureau of Mutant Affairs is established, a subsidiary agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • 2010 - Washington state becomes the first U.S. state to adopt anti-discrimination laws protecting mutants.
  • 2015 - The Brotherhood of Mutants stage an attack on a gathering of diplomats in New York City. The resulting furor kicks anti-mutant sentiment to a record high, right in the middle of election season.
  • 2016 - Despite losing the popular vote, Donald Trump wins the Presidency after a spectacle of a campaign that played to heavily racist and anti-immigrant sentiment. The popular backlash in the wake of the Brotherhood attack, while providing both candidates with a platform to tout their "tough on mutant terrorism" credentials, gave a significantly heavier boost among Trump's base as well.
  • 2018 - The Republican administration pushes legislation to require all US residents to be added to a national registry in a move billed as an attempt to monitor and curb rising mutant terrorism. A fierce campaign by mutant activists that cites both the persecution of mutants and the sweeping governmental overreach goes largely ignored by the general public. The legislation does not initially get much traction, but the administration vows to continue its push.


  • 13 January 2019 - The Mutant Registration Act passes quietly, ignored in the uproar around the border wall. Even with funding the implementation is not immediate, though the administration projects the registry will go live by 2020.
  • 10 February, 2019 - Rockstar Ryan Black made music history at the Grammy Awards, becoming only the second artist in history to win all four General Field categories in a single night -- and announcing himself as a mutant in his final acceptance speech.
  • 20 March 2019 - An assassination attempt on Grammy Award winning musicial Ryan Black rocked New York City and the music world. Several shooters armed with semiautomatic handguns entered a coffeeshop in SoHo and declared their intention to kill Black and one of his companions; though Black and another patron were wounded in the assault, the attempt was ultimately shut down by one of Black's companions and an unidentified cafe employee armed only with a serving tray. Sources in law enforcement say that some of the shooters are affiliated with an organization calling themselves Humanity's Last Stand. Some speculate that the shooters may have been motivated by Black's genetic status.
  • 23 March 2019 - The identity of the coffeeshop employee who intervened to stop the attempt on Ryan Black's life has been revealed in an exclusive Daily Bugle interview. The man who was seen taking on armed gunmen in a viral video has turned out to be a heavily decorated World War II Army commando by the name of Steve Rogers, who portrayed the popular figure of Captain America in an eponymous USO show and the film it inspired. Though Rogers' story has inspired widespread skepticism, it has been corroborated by official service documents, other surviving members of his taskforce, and DNA evidence on file since he volunteered for an Army experiment on physical enhancement.
  • 6 May 2019 - One of the year's most-watched celebrity events of the year was a more [[|explosive sensation than usual, tonight. The Met Gala's theme (Camp: Notes on Fashion) was splashy already; co-host Ryan Black eye-catching in his butterfly-themed couture by previously-unknown mutant designer Taylor Marinov. Black's performance of his single "New Skin" was interrupted by a devastating blast and ensuing blaze. There is as yet no official casualty report, but eyewitness accounts confirm multiple casualties, including Black himself and his fellow performers. The source of the explosion, which appeared to originate from underneath the stage, has been the subject of rampant speculation, but a leading theory is that Black's date, mutant activist Jackson Holland, accidentally detonated the stage in the course of supplying special effects for the show using his powers.
  • 8 May 2019 - Reports coming out of Monday night's Met Gala have been painting a dire picture. The arrest of Ryan Black's friend Jackson Holland lent credence to the rumors that the explosion was caused by malfunctioning mutant powers; with at least thirteen people, including Black himself, initially reported dead and dozens more hospitalized, calls for a stringent crackdown on mutant power use have been swift. Since then, a group calling themselves Humanity's Last Stand has come forward to take credit for the incident, claiming to have targeted Black specifically for the mutant's open stance of preferentially hiring mutants for his crew. The short video they released specifies Black as the target and condemned the Gala for their decision to uphold his invitation to chair the Gala even in the wake of his coming out. In light of the video's claims, the investigation into the explosion is now being treated as a potential federal crime; the FBI has stepped in to take over the investigation from the NYPD.
  • 11 May 2019 - Just as stories of the Gala had begun to die down they have once again taken over social media. A conspiracy theory that Ryan Black had not died as reported but instead been kidnapped by persons unknown was soon quashed by an official press release from Black's publicity office, confirming that the Grammy Award-winning artist is in fact alive and in critical condition at an unknown location. The release went on to explain that those close to Black had decided not to challenge initial rumors of his death out of concern that the terrorists responsible for the bombing would attempt to finish the job. It concludes with a plea to respect Black's safety and privacy as well as that of his family, giving an address to which fans may direct their well-wishes.
  • 26 May 2019 - The NYPD is advising residents of Greenwich Village to stay indoors as a dangerous mutant, described as a "hulking green man," is loose on the streets. The mutant attacked Douglas Nierbocker's car before fleeing the site. Nierbocker is a New Jersey resident currently in unstable condition at the Lenox Health Medical Center. Several local residents were also injured, and the mutant remains at large.
  • 30 May 2019 - Fighting broke out between pro- and anti- mutant factions during a vigil for mutant NYU student Benjamin Wells at Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Twenty-year-old Wells was found dead earlier this week in the Lower East Side park, the victim, mutant rights activists claim, of a hate crime. In addition to memorializing Wells, the vigil served as a venue for criticizing the NYPD's alleged mishandling of crimes against mutants in general. The arrival of pro-human militia group members calling themselves Purifiers sparked hostilities, which escalated to the use of firearms as well as mutant powers. At least a dozen people were injured and one killed before police were able to contain the situation. The deceased has been identified as 42-year-old human Lower East Side resident Loretta Wallace. A number of individuals were arrested on site, but the NYPD has not yet released information on charges.
  • 2 June 2019 - The NYPD reports that they now suspect arson in the recent fire that destroyed Parts-2-Morrow, a small privately owned scrap business along the edge of New York City. Evidence uncovered in the wake of the fire has determined that the three corpses (all of which belonged to members of the pro-human militia group known as the Purifiers) may have been killed prior to the fire being set; furthermore, although the NYPD refuses to release details, they have indicated they have reason to suspect mutant involvement. The owner of Parts-2-Morrow (the father of one of the victims) still remains missing; authorities are asking that anyone with any information about his whereabouts come forward immediately.
  • 18 June 2019 - A report of bikers being assaulted and hospitalized by an unidentified gang of mutants on the Lower East Side have put pressure on the NYPD to investigate reports of a 'hit-and-run' mutant attacker targeting human bikers throughout the city. Officers are requesting that the mutant community provide information about any mutants with fire-based powers who might be involved. Rumors that the bikers were part of the pro-human militia group known as Purifiers remain unconfirmed.
  • 4 July 2019 - A Purifier rally for the 4th of July pre-emptively ended in explosions and fire when an attack carried out by mutants resulted in the destruction of several dozen motorcycles, one trailer, and over eight injuries (including one man in intensive care).
  • 5 July 2019 - Given a third attack conducted by mutants in the span of a month, police are now working under the presumption that this is a coordinated terrorist assault. The chief of police has officially requested that HAMMER (Homeland Agency for Mutant-Related Military Emergency Response) provide logistical, investigative, and material support. Mutant communities are facing increased scrutiny and pressure to turn over information (particularly on mutants with flight, wings, speed, or fire-based abilities). Police are now communicating with Purifiers, and have a visible presence in areas Purifiers frequent.
  • 16 October 2019 - A panel on mutant issues hosted by NYU erupted into chaos Wednesday when Captain Steve Rogers -- better known as Captain America -- struck one of the panelists, Dr. Scott Wiesman of Themis House. The event drew a large crowd from beyond the university and the immediate local community in part owing to the prominence of the panelists, including mutant singer-songwriter Ryan Black. Rogers approached the panel during the question and answer segment of the program, and took issue with the distinction Wiesman drew between what he referred to as his own powers and those of Black -- and, presumably, of other mutants. When Wiesman dismissed the comparison, Rogers -- in an unusual demonstration of his experimentally enhanced strength and speed -- jumped up onto the stage and struck him. Immediately thereafter, he arranged a meeting with Black which, in light of Rogers recent coming out as gay, has sparked widespread speculation on the singer's own sexuality. Multiple videos of the attack and subsequent proposition were posted online within minutes, and a clip of the punch connecting went viral shortly thereafter. Rogers has not been arrested for the assault, and Wiesman, who seems to have made a full recovery, has made no mention of pressing charges.
  • 9 November 2019 - Tony Stark, CEO of defense technology giant Stark Industries, was abducted earlier today during an armed attack on nhis limousine during a business trip to Caracas. Stark's visit was intended to cinch a highly controversial, multi-billion dollar weapons contract with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó's administration. The attack occurred on a road leading out of the city to El Ávila National Park, where sources say Stark intended to stage a munitions demonstration for General Cesar Santamaria and his aide, Colonel Emmanuel Jiménez. Details are still sketchy, but local news reports that the limousine was found overturned beside the road, with signs of a firefight. Stark himself was missing, Santmaria and Jiménez were found dead at the scene, while the unnamed driver and Stark's personal bodyguard Harold Hogan were rushed to an area hospital and are in critical condition. President Maduro has been quick to condemn this violent act, and in his press statement implied that Guaidó may have orchestrated the attack. No ransom demand has yet been made, and the Venezuelan National Guard is investigating the incident.
  • 23 March 2020 - Preliminary reports indicate a there was a break-in at the West Facility of the Rikers Island jail complex at around 7pm, leaving one federal contractor dead. While there are no eye witnesses and the security camera system in the building was disabled, inside sources report the incident occurred in a solitary confinement wing housing a highly dangerous mutant inmate. NYCDOC confirms that a federal contractor was found dead on the premises but has not released any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the inmate. Given that the supposed time of the break-in coincided with reports of sudden unexplained health complaints from all across the city, speculation is running rampant on the connection between these seemingly isolated incidents and a potentially escaped and highly dangerous mutant criminal.
  • 26 March 2020 - After two days of rumors, NYC DOC announced in a press conference today that the break-in at Rikers Island on Monday has indeed left one inmate at large. City and federal law enforcement have launched a massive manhunt for Leonid Valentino Concepcion, a mutant who is in the country illegally and who has the power to manipulate and inflict diseases. DOC confirms that the federal contractor found dead at the West Facility Monday night was very likely killed by Concepcion during the escape, although details on the precise cause of death and the identity of the deceased are not officially available. Concepcion is a 25 year old Asian male, standing 5'11" and weighing 140lb, with black hair and brown eyes, last seen wearing a khaki DOC uniform. Citizens are advised to be on the lookout and to contact NYC Crime Stoppers if they see someone who matches the above description, but not to approach or attempt to apprehend this man, who should be considered highly dangerous and a risk to personal as well as public health.
  • 26 March 2020 - In the wake of the announcement from NYC DOC about recently escaped mutant criminal Leonid Valentino Concepcion, local and national social media has exploded with panicked speculation and conspiracy theories about Concepcion's power to control diseases. The most common rumors are that Concepcion was either the source of the novel coronavirus from the start, or at least that he is the reason New York City in particular has been hit so hard. Some say that he intentionally brought the virus here from China as a biological weapon, heedless of those who point out his name suggests he is Filipino. Many Asian men have complained of an uptick in harassment from law enforcement and the general population alike, exacerbating existing discrimination against the large Chinese American community in and around the city. The news and its aftermath has sparked a fresh wave of panic-buying and self-imposed quaratines all across the region, as well as ominous suggestions from some quarters that vigilante justice is the only protection against Concepcion's powers.
  • 29 March 2020 - At a press conference in the White House Rose Garden today, President Trump unveiled a line of Stark Industry-designed drones dubbed "Sentinels" as a part of his pandemic disaster relief plan. Several hundred are being deployed to New York City today, and more will be introduced to other heavy-hit areas. Flanked by six of the tall, roughly humanoid EMS models, the president boasted that he was personally responsible for bringing about what he termed the "newest weapon" in the war on COVID-19, though records show the Sentinel Project has been in development since the Obama administration. In addition to the medical drones seen in the press conference, the Sentinel line includes law enforcement and search-and-rescue models intended to keep first responders safe.
  • 9 April 2020 - In the early hours of Thursday, the NYPD raided an illegal clinic operating out of a motorcycle garage in East New York after a reliable source indicated that the mutant fugitive Leonid Valentino Concepcion was hiding out there. The NYPD strike team was accompanied by newly issued Sentinel drones as well as private military contractors sent by the Department of Homeland Security. Concepcion and two other mutants, including Manhattan-based mutant activist Jackson Holland, attacked the police officers and destroyed one Sentinel, reportedly through the use of powers. Holland was taken into custody and is expected to be charged with assaulting an officer of the law, malicious destruction of police property, assisting a fugitive from justice, reckless endangerment, unlawful assmbly, disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration, and public display of a mutant power. No law enforcement officials are reported to have been injured in the encounter, and as of press time Concepcion and his unidentified accomplice -- described as "a humanoid wolf" -- are still at large.
  • 13 April 2020 - At her daily press conference today, Mayor Elliott Carruthers issued a startling retraction of the city-wide manhunt for fugitive Leonid Concepcion before inviting celebrated World War II veteran Steve Rogers -- better known as Captain America -- to the podium. A solemn Captain Rogers explained that Concepcion has developed a self-replicating vaccine for the novel coronavirus that could outpace the virus itself and quell the outbreak, a task to his power is uniquely suited. He further alleged that the government agencies pursuing Concepcion knew he could do this but specifically barred him from doing so, instead performing non-consensual experiments on him in a bid to develop a conventional vaccine for profit -- a much slower and more expensive process that would, even when complete, not be accessible to the poor and uninsured. After Captain Rogers's shocking statement, Mayor Elliott reiterated her support for Concepcion's efforts. She urged New Yorkers to cease committing violence against members of the Asian American community and to render Concepcion any assistance they are able.
  • 18 April 2020 - In the week since Leonid Concepcion's vaccine was released into the community, it has spread like wildfire through the more populous parts of New York City. The vaccine itself is a harmless but highly contagious virus that causes mild respiratory symptoms -- predominantly sneezing -- for a brief period, and multiple independent tests have confirmed that those who contract it develop antibodies against the novel coronavirus. Area hospitals are already reports a sharp drop-off in new COVID-19 cases, although patients who were already severely ill still require medical support. Under the advisement of her pandemic response team, Mayor Elliott is encouraging city residents who do not have underlying conditions to relax social distancing practices in order to facilitate the spread of the vaccine, but stresses that the elderly and immunocompromised should continue sheltering in place until herd immunity is firmly established. However, all emergency restrictions on public gathering and places of business have been lifted. Experts are hopeful that the dramatic effect of the vaccine in the city will soon spread throughout the tri-state area and to the rest of the country.
  • 20 April 2020 - Billionaire Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries, was found early this morning by Brazilian military personnel in the western highlands of Mato Grosso. Stark had been missing since his limousine was attacked outside of Caracas last November, and widely assumed dead. Stark Industries stock surged today as investors anticipate the return of the company's visionary leader. Stark corporate has been struggling for weeks as workers at a number of factories around the country strike, demanding that they pivot to producing medical equipment and PPE. Industry analysts speculate that Tony Stark's well-known charisma as well as the the weight of his father's legacy will help him bring these internal conflicts swiftly to heel. At press time, Stark is reported to be in good health after receiving medical attention, and is being airlifted back to New York City.
  • 27 April 2020 - At his first press conference since escaping from his kidnappers last week, Tony Stark announced that Stark Industries will cease all weapons production and pivot to manufacturing medical equipment, effective immediately. He did not outline any detailed plans for how he intends to bring about this sea change in the multinational corporation, which was founded in 1940 by his father Howard Stark to produce innovative defense technology for the U.S. and allies. After Stark departed the conference without taking questions, his Chief Operations Officer and former interim CEO Obadiah Stane assured the gathered press that further details would be forthcoming, attempting to downplay the announcement as a product of Stark's famously dramatic style as well as his recent trauma. Stark Industries stock is down 50 points as of press time, and speculation is running rampant about the practical feasibility of its owner's unconventional decision.
  • 21 May 2020 - A charity gala for COVID-19 disaster relief at the exclusive Hellfire Club turned violent with what initial reports are calling an assassination attempt on Tony Stark. The Stark Industries CEO, recently returned from a several month-long kidnapping, was preparing to give a speech tonight when he was assailed by two armed men. Multiple shots were fired, but the attack was disrupted by Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, and members of the Club security staff. Captain Rogers was wounded shielding Mister Stark, but not before injuring one of the shooters with an improvised projectile. He has been rushed to an area hospital and is serious condition. Mister Stark is reportedly unharmed, but could not be reached for comments. Both shooters have been apprehended, but he NYPD has released no information about their identities or motives.