Brotherhood of Mutants

From X-Men: rEvolution

The Brotherhood of Mutants is a team of mutants dedicated to the cause of mutant superiority. They employ any means necessary to achieve their goals, including violent action against anti-mutant forces. The Brotherhood was founded originally by Magneto, but, nominally, dissolved following his arrest and imprisonment in the wake of the Liberty Island incident. The Liberty Island attack also brought the Brotherhood into the public eye -- and earned them a spot on the FBI's terrorism watch list.

The Brotherhood is not a large organization. While there are a number of friendly/sympathetic associates scattered around New York and the world who BoM leadership can call on for assistance in a pinch (safehouses, resources, etc.), the actual membership of the group numbers below two hundred mutants worldwide, the vast majority of which currently reside in and around New York.

The main base of the Brotherhood currently is an island located in the Lower New York Bay, a couple miles out from Brooklyn. Though there are plenty of mutants capable of flying/teleporting/etc, for those who travel by conventional means the only way to access the Ascension Island base is via boat; the trip back to the city will average between 45m-1.5h, depending on what type of boat they choose and general sailing conditions. The island's dock maintains a number of vessels for common use.

Living on the island is not required for people in the Brotherhood, but anyone who has joined is welcome to obtain a residence on the island if they wish! While there's no rent, here, there is an expectation that anyone living on the island will help out with the chores/maintenance of their shared living space in whatever way they are capable. The number of people living on the island at any given time fluctuates, but generally sits somewhere between 50-75 people. Given the level of security they maintain about trespassers, it is a complete impossibility that your character is not familiar with every other person who is allowed on the island within the first couple weeks of residency there: anything else would be considered a pretty severe security risk. (No outsiders are ever allowed on the island for any reason whatsoever without clearing it with leadership first: that is an impossible rule to enforce if nobody knows who is allowed.)

Life in the Brotherhood is not heavily structured. Leadership is not going to be dictating to anyone what their day consists of or how to spend their time. There are some base expectations, though, of all Brotherhood members: that they treat their brethren with respect, that they take Very Seriously the safety and security of the group, that they work towards developing their own skills in ways that will be an asset to the group.

Though there are many ways to support the group's goals and it is not required that any individual Brother take on roles in violence/combat that they are not ready for, all Brothers are expected to be able to take care of themselves even if they don't expect to be on the front lines of missions. To this end there are regular training sessions offered on the island by various members of the group -- organized teaching and casual sparring practice offered in some form daily, as well as instruction in basic survival knowledge and more specialized skills offered KIND OF more patchwork as someone with the necessary skillset feels moved to do so.

OOC Note: The Brotherhood, as their name suggests, tends to consider themselves more of a family than simply an organization -- though given that they're a group of murderous terrorists, they're the kind of family that won't hesitate to kill you if you betray them. Joining the Brotherhood ICly is a serious commitment, not a day job. While there is room in the faction for a lot of different levels of OOC involvement and no OOC requirement to have any particular level of commitment to scenes and plots, ICly there is no easy way to leave the group once you have joined -- once you know who all these wanted terrorists are, their homes and their secrets, just quitting is not a simple road.

Please take this under serious advisement before joining the faction, as IC desertion or betrayal will very likely be met with severe IC repercussions.

A note on recruitment to the Brotherhood: as a terrorist organization, members are ICly vetted before recruitment. The most common way that people join the Brotherhood is to get to know existing BoM members enough to earn their trust and show that they'd be a good fit in terms of both ideology and dependability, and then members can recommend them to leadership for recruitment. Members should not recruit without clearing it ICly with leadership first, as ICly the wrong recruit can be an enormous danger to the entire faction by way of law enforcement and/or death.

The second, much less common way to get recruited is to do something notable to come to the Brotherhood's attention. Please note, before going off and bombing anything, that this requires several components: a) the incident needs to be ICly significantly newsworthy (don't forget to actually make the relevant newsposts!); b) it needs to be very explicitly and conscientiously done to make a statement in defense of mutants/mutant rights, not just A Random Crime; and c) people already in the Brotherhood (most especially the Brotherhood leadership) need to know, OOCly, that your intention is to have your character recruited.

No matter what path you are taking to Brotherhood recruitment, it is important to let Brotherhood leadership and game staff know OOCly once you start down that path so that they can help make the process smoother and help with your faction change!