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I haven't fucked much with the past, but I've fucked plenty with the future.

xxxxxBright and bold as the colors she favors, Mina is a lot of leap and not very much look.


xxxxxa generous helping of curves, Mina looks far from delicate. Her hair is thick and long and brown, her skin lightly tanned. She has wide features in a wide round face -- huge (and readily deployed) smile, large dark brown eyes, broad nose.


xxxxxStill working on acquiring one!


xxxxxHad a pleasant and largely tragedy-free life, so far, with a large extended family in a small Oahu town.


xxxxxDescription of your character's powers.


xxxxxA general adeptness at things of an outdoor nature; swimming, running, sailing, fending for herself in the wilds -- at least the wilds of Hawai'i, which are nothing like the wilds of New York. Ah well. She'll learn these new plants soon enough.

xxxxxDecent singer, decent dancer, good storyteller. Excellent memestress, adequate seamstress.



  • Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • Random facts you think are worth knowing about your character.
  • And more random facts!
  • And more.
XS Schedule
Fall Term, 2018
  • English: Asian-American Literature
  • Mathematics: Algebra (1/3)
  • History: Japan: Tradition to Modernity
  • Science: Introductory Astronomy
  • Language: Chinese (1)
  • Sport: Soccer (hopefully)
Winter Term, 2018-19
  • English: Animals in Literature
  • Mathematics: Algebra (2/3)
  • History: Modern Latin America
  • Science: Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese (2)
  • Ethics: Bioethics: Humanity in the Post-Genomic Era
  • Sport: Swimming & Diving
Spring Term, 2019
  • English: Journalism
  • Mathematics: Algebra (3/3)
  • History: Capitalism and its Critics
  • Language: Chinese (3)
  • Art: Fundamentals of Acting
  • Sport: Softball

Minaeee.jpg Minaaah.jpg Minabeach.jpg Minayay.jpg Minayesss.jpg Minaomg.jpg Minadrink.jpg Minaicecream.jpg Minaflowereyes.jpg

Ka'imina'auao Naleieha
Codename None
Birthdate December 3, 2004
Birthplace Waialua, HI
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Ka lā hiki ola
Powers None
Occupation XS Student (Freshman)
Registration Status n/a
Played By Auli'i Cravalho
RP Hooks
Hold my beer smoothie - Easily suggestible, readily up for dashing off on some new idea -- well-thought-out or otherwise, easily goaded into making a spectacle of herself. Always happy for company on the ride!
Flower Child - Lives up to her island stereotype in some ways; enjoys all things nature and can often be found where there are plants to commune with nap under.
Make a Splash - Loves swimming, boating, generally all things Water.
Fish out of Water - Has never been off the islands in her life before now, has never been part of mutant community before now; probably would be glad for any help in acclimatizing.
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